Bobby Desmond


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Letters of Recommendation

“I am writing to recommend Bobby Desmond. Bobby took my five credit Business Entities Survey class in the fall of 2016. I have the reputation for being a demanding teacher both in class and with my exams. Many weaker students at the University of Florida shy away from my classes. In such a difficult environment, Bobby performed well. Bobby was an active class participant and displayed a close reading not only of the statute but of the underlying business issue in a given case. Bobby also has a media background, which facilitates his understanding of business issues in the TMT sector. Bobby is emotionally mature and able to adapt easily to new work environments in different geographical settings. As you know, Bobby has worked well in group settings. I think he would be an asset to any legal team.”

D. Daniel Sokol, Professor, University of Florida Levin College of Law

“I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for Bobby Desmond. Bobby served as an intern in the legal department of America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) during the summer 2016 semester. As his supervisor, I had the opportunity to closely observe and evaluate his performance on a daily basis.

Bobby is a very intelligent person and a first-rate legal thinker. He is an excellent writer. Bobby is a quick study and a self-starter and delivered virtually perfect end products with very little supervision. He was fully engaged in his work and eager to learn the public policy issues involved in public media and nonprofit governance.

During his internship, Bobby conducted research and compiled data for Congressional and internal APTS projects. He researched and drafted comments that APTS submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He attended and reported on workshops, forums and hearings and provided written follow-up reports. All of the work Bobby did during his internship was of the very highest quality.

Much of our work is premised on having a working understanding of telecommunications technologies, which Bobby was able to develop incredibly quickly and proficiently. Moreover, and very importantly, Bobby’s personality made him a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.”

Lonna Thompson, General Counsel, America’s Public Television Stations

“I have known Bobby since his second year in college. During his time as an undergraduate student, he was a Machen Florida Opportunity Scholar as well as a peer mentor. The MFOS program supports undergraduate students who are first in their families to attend college and come from low-income backgrounds.

During his time at UF, I worked most closely with him in his role as peer mentor for our incoming first year scholars. Peer mentors serve as the “go-to” for a group of scholars transitioning to college. For first-generation students, college is a foreign environment and while their parents may be supportive, they haven’t been a college student themselves so helping their student proves difficult. Bobby made lasting connections with his mentees as he has proven to them he will go above and beyond to help them adjust to college.

Bobby also participated in our FOS Academy of Leadership program as well as with the GatorLaw Mentoring Program where he was a mentee and paired with a current law student during his final year of college. Participation in both of these experiences was voluntary yet Bobby realized that they would both be beneficial to expanding his personal and leadership skills.

Before college, Bobby was always a good student and he learned at a young age the importance of education to make something of himself. I am regularly impressed by his hardworking attitude and love of learning. In my experiences with him, he is always one to volunteer to attend non-required events and workshops just to learn more and expand his network. He has my highest recommendation.”

– Leslie Pendleton, Director, Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program

“Bobby Desmond has been a great addition to our staff and has helped us out in many situations. He has shown great effort in his preparations for his air shifts by collecting news stories and artist information that our listeners find interesting and relevant to their lives. He has also shown growth in his on air work and has become a very relatable and likable DJ. Bobby has been there for us on many occasions to help us out of a jam by filling in for main day parts on short notice and also running the technical side of out of town broadcasts from our studios. Bobby is very observant and has the ability to work well under high pressure situations including trouble shooting and fixing problems. Bobby saved us from going off air a few weeks ago by noticing a problem with our transmitter before it shut down. After working with Bobby Desmond and seeing the work ethic that he has, I believe that he would be a great addition to any team and a great loss to ours.”

Alan Levy, Operations, Kiss 105.3

“Bobby rocks the mic and way more! He’s incredibly creative, but with the diligence, common sense, and tenacity to see each week’s social media content through to completion. I admire his openness to take constructive criticism and brilliantly apply it. He consistently brings more to the table than expected. He’s a forward thinker and a great writer, distilling ideas to their essence and most potent form. I hope to work with Bobby again.”

Gregg Witt, Chief Engagement Officer and Partner, Immersive Youth Marketing

“I had the pleasure of serving as Bobby’s assisting editor while he was the Managing Editor of the Journal of Technology Law and Policy at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. In this position on the JTLP Executive Board, Bobby was responsible for all of the operational functions that make the journal an esteemed and reputable legal journal.

Bobby not only diligently carried out his duties as Managing Editor as they were proscribed in the Bylaws, but also pushed farther to make the journal the best it could be. Of note, Bobby was incredibly diligent in monitoring the journal’s financial records and accounts. He frequently went the extra mile to seek out the best ways to increase journal funds and investments. Bobby was the journal’s strongest advocate when posing new ideas to the journal members and the school’s administration and deans.

In addition to the journal’s financials, Bobby was also responsible for all of JTLP’s meetings, events, fundraising, community service, and symposiums. Though a full time law student, Bobby somehow found the time to attend to all of these as if they were his full-time job.
I feel confident in saying that everyone on the journal would agree that JTLP would not have been as successful without Bobby’s contributions. We are all sad to see him graduate, but are lucky to have had him as our Managing Editor be left with such impactful changes he has established to improve our journal.”

Ashley Genoese, Assistant Managing Editor, Journal of Technology Law & Policy

“Bobby was the previous Vice-President during my term as President of the Entertainment & Sports Law Society. Even though his official term on the organizations E-board had concluded, Bobby selflessly made himself available to mentor and guide the organization. I greatly admire Bobby’s will to put the organization’s progress first ahead of any individual recognition. Bobby made sure to keep me up to date on all the by-law and constitution changes the club had gone through in years prior.

Having seen Bobby’s commitment to the organization I invited him to be our primary speaker at a general body meeting in which he exceeded expectations. As a meeting speaker, Bobby gave UF law students his experience on working in the Entertainment field as a legal professional. Many students including myself gained great insight from Bobby’s time as an AMC intern. I am confident he will be successful in his future endeavors.”

Kyle Anthonie Perry, President, Entertainment and Sports Law Society

“Bobby did an amazing job working with me on the finale of Off University. We started with a broken situation after the resignation of some key production workers and completely turned it around in the end! How Bobby managed to balance directing the fifth episode of our webseries while also working at Kiss 105.3 I’ll never know, but every day we shot we became more efficient! I’m so glad to have worked with him and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Nicole del Castillo, Director, ChomPics Productions

“Bobby is the most endearing and dedicated entertainment aficionado I have ever met. Not only was Bobby an absolute joy to work with on ChomPics Productions final episode of “Off University,” but I have seen first hand his commitment to every facet of the entertainment industry. Whether writing for The Alligator newspaper, disc jockeying for Rock104 and WYKS-FM Kiss 105.3, conducting tours as a UF JCA ambassador, or directing the finale of “Off University”, Bobby tackles every task head on and to great success. I look forward to seeing all Bobby accomplishes in the future and can’t wait to work with him again.”

Beth Benge, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, ChomPics Productions

“Bobby is everything an Executive Producer could want in a director. He is attentive, pays attention to detail, encouraging, and does what he needs to do to get the job done. In addition to having a great insight for delegation, Bobby has the ability to see the “big picture” when directing a scene. This allows him to be very efficient. He is very hardworking and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Connor Hachey, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, ChomPics Productions