Practice Areas


Copyright Law

Bobby Desmond is skilled at registering copyrights, negotiating copyright assignments and licensing agreements, and sending copyright takedown notices to websites that infringe on or pirate creative works. He also oversees the DMCA takedown process for one of the world’s largest user generated content sites. His article on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbors was published by the Journal of Technology Law and Policy, and his research on criminal copyright infringement has been featured on a popular cybercrime blog,

Trademark Law

Bobby Desmond is adept at registering trademarks through the USPTO and Madrid Protocols, responding to Office Actions, drafting trademark assignments and licensing agreements, filing trademark takedown requests on websites that illegally use brand names, and filing domain name disputes under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Trade Secrets

Bobby Desmond has worked to preserve companies’ trade secrets by drafting NDAs and improving employment policies to foster confidentiality and prevent corporate espionage. He can advise your business about protecting its intellectual property through strong contracts and effective disclosure prevention measures.

Media Law

As a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism, Bobby Desmond has a profound respect for the nation’s unofficial fourth branch of government and its role in American society. He has a particular interest in free speech, defamation, access to public records, and other media law issues. He has worked on First Amendment issues at Walters Law Group, including FOIA requests and a free speech challenge to the federal FOSTA/SESTA statute.

Entertainment Law

A former television host, director, and critic, Bobby Desmond’s knowledge of the entertainment industry gives him a competitive advantage in this area. He has significant experience counseling and advising both broadcast and cable television networks in the traditional media industry as well as models, producers, distributors, sex toy manufacturers, websites, and more in the adult entertainment industry.

Internet and Social Media Law

Bobby Desmond has in-depth knowledge about the rapidly developing world of internet and social media law, as the legal representative of many small internet-based businesses and some of the most popular social media sites in the world. His research on how content moderation can lead to copyright liability has been featured in the Journal of Technology Law & Policy. He has extensive experience in drafting website policies, advising companies on content moderation, and complying with federal pornography laws.

Business Law

Whether advising small tech startups or a social media site valued at nearly a billion dollars, Bobby Desmond has experience in a wide range of business law issues from forming business entities to drafting contracts and employment policies. He has experience writing NDAs, founder agreements, bylaws, and more.

Labor and Employment Law

Bobby Desmond has researched many areas of labor and employment law. He is knowledgeable on the applicability of anti-harassment laws, wage and hour laws, family and medical leave laws, marijuana legalization, and other federal and state regulations to the workplace. He also has significant experience advising employers in the adult entertainment industry and the social media landscape.

Lobbying and Legislation

With his experience in Washington D.C., Bobby Desmond has a strong foundational knowledge of the lobbying and legislative efforts that are inherent in the federal regulation and rulemaking process. He is skilled at filing comments in FCC proceedings and drafting bills for congressional consideration.