Bobby Desmond Law


University of Florida – Telecommunication Program

Bobby Desmond’s first hands-on television production experience was as an anchor on Timbercrest Elementary’s morning announcements show. Eight years later, he entered the Telecommunication program at the University of Florida.

In Introduction to Telecommunication (RTV3007) and Television and American Society (RTV3405), Bobby covered a wide range of mass communication topics about television, radio, and the internet. He studied the history and structure of the television industry, and its effects on our culture and society. While in Writing for Electronic Media (RTV2100), Bobby began working on fundamental pre-production duties including writing for news, commercial, and screen as well as undertaking the basics of storyboarding, planning, and pitching a production.

In Fundamentals of Production (RTV3200), Bobby worked on a short independent production and a live to tape group project. Bobby produced a 90 second short movie about a hungry boy who needs his girlfriend’s assistance in preparing a sandwich. The movie had no dialogue and focused, instead, on the importance of ambient sounds and sound effects. He served as Floor Manager for a live to tape production, Michelle at Midnight, fashioned after the popular E! program Chelsea Lately. His duties included setting the stage, creating cue cards, and acting as the communicator between the studio and the control room. He also created the show’s graphics and narrated the opening credits.

In Advanced Writing for Electronic Media (RTV3101) and Telecommunication Programming (RTV4500), Bobby expanded his writing efforts by developing a program pitch for a college-themed cooking show and a documentary pitch on marriage in the military. He wrote a Blackberry commercial script and a corporate video on the University of Florida’s Medical Amnesty Policy. His work culminated with a screenplay script adapted from the popular comic book series Y: The Last Man.

In Electronic Field Production (RTV3320) and Documentary Production (RTV4929C), Bobby honed his visual storytelling craft and mastered field production techniques. Bobby independently produced content from the field including the 30 second commercial for The Bite seen above. Furthermore, Bobby produced the documentary below to give viewers a behind the scenes look at the show.

Finally, in Ethics and Problems and Telecommunication (RTV4931), Telecommunication Law and Regulation (RTV4700) and Law of Mass Communication (MMC4200), Bobby realized his interest in the legal aspects of mass communication while studying First Amendment issues and telecommunications legislation on net neutrality and copyright. These courses solidified his decision to attend law school and to pursue a career in media, entertainment, and intellectual property law.

UF In Rome Study Abroad – Italian Cinema and Culture

Bobby studied abroad in Rome, Italy during the Summer of 2012. His courses focused on Italian cinema and language. One course in particular, Italian Cinema and Culture (ITT3930), took him on a journey through Rome visiting the locations where the movies of Federico Fellini and Roberto Rossellini were filmed. This class discussed the importance of Italian films in uniting the nation after it was torn apart by World War II. After viewing numerous Italian films, Bobby wrote and presented a research project on the Italian neorealismo movement that occurred primarily between 1944 and 1952.

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His studies also took him to Cinecittà, a major film studio in Rome widely considered the epicenter of Italian filmmaking. There he learned about costume design, set construction, and the economics of the entertainment business while on the location of numerous sets for movies like Cleopatra (1963), Gangs of New York (2002), and the HBO series Rome (2004-2007). While there, he also spent time on a hot set for the Showtime series The Borgias (2011-2013).

ChomPics Productions

Off University – Director

Bobby served as a director on the final episode of Off University, a webseries produced by ChomPics Productions. His pre-production duties included creating storyboards, scouting for locations, and casting actors. Later, his production duties included directing and editing. The entire series premiered at the Reitz Union Cinema on April 19, 2014 at 7 pm and can be viewed here, while the finale has been posted below for your viewing pleasure.

The Bite – Host

In August 2014, ChomPics Productions asked Bobby to return to the company to serve as a host on the premiere season of their new entertainment news program The Bite. With his producers and co-hosts, Bobby helped create the format for the show from scratch. He also wrote his commentary after researching and investigating local and national entertainment and lifestyle stories. He routinely pitched and planned segments including the show’s signature Tinder-inspired fashion segment called Biter. And while most episodes were filmed in a live-to-tape studio, Bobby occasionally hosted from the field as well. You can watch Bobby Desmond in The Bite by watching the YouTube playlist below.

University of Florida Levin College of Law

During his first year of law school, Bobby served as a 1L Section Representative for the Entertainment & Sports Law Society, acting as a liaison between the Executive Board and the 1L class. He also worked to promote EASLS through social media, in class, and on campus. His efforts were very effective and lead to the Society being one of the largest student organizations at UF Law and doubled the attendance of the 2016 Entertainment and Sports Law Symposium.

As a 2L, Bobby Desmond served as the Vice President of EASLS. Aside from assisting the President in running the organization’s day to day tasks, he spearheaded efforts to create more entertainment law opportunities at UF Law including classes and internships, and he networked to bring more entertainment law professionals to the annual EASLS Symposium.

During the summer of 2016, Bobby was a legal intern at America’s Public Television Stations in Arlington, VA. PBS created the non-profit membership organization to foster a strong public television system through advocacy, planning, research, and communication. Bobby assisted the General Counsel in researching and drafting comments filed in FCC proceedings. Additionally, he wrote legal briefs on a number of issues facing the television industry. His assignments ranged from ATSC 3.0 approval and the spectrum auction to statutory copyright licenses and trademark infringement.

During the summer of 2017, Bobby was a legal intern at AMC Networks in New York, NY. In this role, he experienced the broad array of tasks that cross an in-house entertainment lawyer’s desk. He drafted a large variety of contracts for nearly every aspect of the cable television company, from acquiring films and shows, hiring talent and casting agencies, licensing copyrights and trademarks for merchandising opportunities, and more. He worked extensively on drafting new employment policies to protect the company’s trade secrets and unreleased programming from leaking or hacking. He also researched a variety of legal questions (including right of publicity, guerrilla marketing tactics, virtual reality, sponsorship identification, and more) and advised the marketing department and other areas of the business on those matters.