University of Florida – Criminology Program

As an undergrad, Bobby Desmond picked up a second major in Criminology at the University of Florida after realizing he wanted to pursue a career in media, entertainment, and intellectual property law. He was also a member of the Pre-Legal Honor Society.

Advanced Principles of Criminal Justice (CCJ3024), Research Methods in Criminal Justice (CCJ3071), and Criminological Theory (CCJ4014) covered the basics of the American judicial system with a focus on criminal law. Even in these early classes, Bobby took any opportunity he had to focus on the media’s impact on the criminal justice system, including a research paper he wrote on the phenomenon referred to as “Trial by Media.”

A fan of every crime show from CSI: Miami to Cops, Bobby enrolled in elective courses that allowed him to better understand the investigations, prosecution, and defense of crimes, including Introduction to Forensics (ANT3520), Criminal Law (CJL4110), and Investigations (CCJ4934). Writing in the Law (ENC3254) allowed Bobby to develop his legal writing and research skills. Other classes like Law and Society (CJL3038) and Psychology and Law (CJL4037) gave him the opportunity to further research interesting legislative issues including the media’s effect on jury decision making.

Finally, Bobby found his legal niche during Telecommunication Law and Regulation (RTV4700) and Law of Mass Communication (MMC4200). These courses focused primarily on First Amendment issues and telecommunication legislation on net neutrality, copyright, newsroom searches, and drone use. The IP field allows Bobby to follow a career path that blends these two otherwise unrelated career paths.

University of Florida – Levin College of Law

1L Year

In August 2015, Bobby Desmond began his legal education at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. He continued to work as an on-air personality at Kiss 105.3 FM and held numerous leadership positions. As 1L Section Representative, Bobby doubled the attendance to the Entertainment and Sports Law Society’s annual symposium. As a Student Recruitment Team member, he assisted in recruiting the nation’s top undergraduate students through tours and campus events.

In February 2016, he was a semi-finalist in the Trial Team’s 1L Closing Argument Competition. He also became an Ambassador for the Introduction to Law School & the Profession program. As an ILSP Ambassador, he lead incoming students through a week-long orientation and served as their mentor all year long.

As a 1L, his required courses included Legal Writing (5792), Legal Research (5803), Constitutional Law (5501), Criminal Law (5100), Torts (5700), Appellate Advocacy (5793), Civil Procedure (5301), Contracts (5000), and Property (5400).

10 Page Writing Sample

During the summer of 2016, Bobby was a legal intern at America’s Public Television Stations in Arlington, VA. PBS created the non-profit membership organization to foster a strong public television system through advocacy, planning, research, and communication. Bobby assisted the General Counsel in researching and drafting comments filed in FCC proceedings. He also wrote legal briefs on a number of issues facing the television industry. His assignments ranged from ATSC 3.0 approval and the spectrum auction to statutory copyright licenses and trademark infringement. He also participated in lobbying efforts at the FCC and on Capitol Hill.

Click on the image to the left to view, print, or save a ten page writing sample compiled of various assignments Bobby worked on during his time at APTS.

He received a $5000 fellowship from the Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation for promoting diversity in the legal profession. Additionally, he received a $2000 scholarship from the Federal Communications Bar Association.


2L Year

Bobby served on the executive board of the Journal of Technology Law and Policy. JTLP is a scholarly legal journal devoted to the discussion of relevant technology issues, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, antitrust, information privacy, and computer law. During the fall, his responsibilities as Galleys Editor included editing articles “above-the-line” and submitting a case comment on the copyright infringement case against Beyonce’s Lemonade. During the spring, his responsibilities as Assistant Managing Editor included raising funds, soliciting ads and donations, and organizing service projects and social events. He also submitted a note on the criminal copyright implications of the FCC’s Unlock the Box proposal.

He served as the Vice President of Entertainment for the Entertainment and Sports Law Society. In this position, he assisted organization members in finding legal internships in the entertainment industry and sought entertainment lawyers to speak at the Annual EASLS Symposium. He is also a member of the Intellectual Property & Technology Law Association.

In an effort to earn an Intellectual Property Certificate, his fall course load included Patent Law (6573), Intellectual Property Litigation (6577), and Business Enterprises Survey (6068) which combines Corporations and Unincorporated Business Practices into one 5-credit class. He also wrote a seminar paper on criminal sanctions for copyright infringement as part of Criminal Law in the Virtual Context (6936). During spring, he took Copyright Law (6572), Trade Secret Law (6930), Media Law (6841), Income Taxation (6600), General Counsel Practicum (6930), and Intellectual Property Licensing (6936). His required 2L courses included Professional Responsibility (6750) and Legal Drafting (6807). He also took a 1 credit spring break course in Miami called Doing Business with Latin America (6930).

During the summer of 2017, Bobby was a legal intern at AMC Networks in New York, NY. In this role, he experienced the broad array of tasks that cross an in-house entertainment lawyer’s desk. He drafted a large variety of contracts for nearly every aspect of the cable television company, from acquiring films and shows, hiring talent and casting agencies, licensing copyrights and trademarks for merchandising opportunities, and more. He worked extensively on drafting new employment policies to protect the company’s trade secrets and unreleased programming from leaking or hacking. He also researched a variety of legal questions (including right of publicity, guerrilla marketing tactics, virtual reality, sponsorship identification, and more) and advised the marketing department and other areas of the business on those matters.

3L Year

Bobby was promoted to Managing Editor of the Journal of Technology Law and Policy for his 3L year. His main goal was to create and enact a fiscal plan that would allow the journal to be financially stable for years to come. To meet this goal, he created and maintained a database of contact information from past journal members for fundraising and networking. He lead the efforts to have current journal members participate in the 2017 Gators Give Back Challenge, which successfully raised funds to cover a portion of the journal’s annual expenses. He also implemented a three tiered sponsorship program to recognize donors to the journal.

In an effort to complete the Intellectual Property Certificate, Bobby took Trademark Law (6576), Administrative Law (6520), and Internet & Computer Law Seminar (6936). In hopes of pursuing a legal career in house, he also took Employment Law (6545), Labor Law (6540), and What Every Lawyer Should Know About Business (6930). As a clinic student in the Entrepreneurship Law Practicum (6930), Bobby worked under an attorney to represent two start-up businesses in forming their business entities and protecting their inventions and ideas. Finally, Bobby was selected to attend the first ever Doing Business in China Study Abroad program where he learned about the legal issues that companies face as they expand to the Asian marketplace. During the trip, he visited Google, Uber, and Ctrip and gained first hand knowledge from the companies’ legal counsels.